I was born and raised in Lindos so am as “local” as it is possible to be, however I studied for 5 years in the UK and have grown up within the tourism industry – these elements have afforded me a unique insight in to the British culture, travel industry and of course enabled me fluency in the English language. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architectural Design - First Class Honours, so have a superb eye for detail and design. I also have a diploma in Floral Design from Judith Blacklock Flower School in London and a Master’s Degree in Events and Conference Management from the University of Westminster in London, both of which are incredibly important when organising events such as a Wedding. So I have a fantastic eye for detail and design and love to share my passion and knowledge with our brides.

The most significant of all though is the passion that I feel for ensuring that every Happily Couple has the wedding that they dream of and deserve. As your wedding planner, I am truly dedicated to you and your wedding dream and I am here to support you in your wedding journey. I pride myself on a high level of clear and concise communication and am an expert “hand holder”, making it my priority to guide, reassure and listen to you and offer my insight throughout your entire experience. So, let’s talk weddings…….