Bev Morris

Having planned my own Greek wedding in just 5 weeks, I feel lucky to have the luxury of time and experience with our Happily clients. From the day of a rather impromptu proposal from my Husband Jack to our wedding day was 5 weeks…….the joke at the time was that I didn’t want him to change his mind. Home for me is my two beautiful daughters and of course my husband, whom has been my “significant other” since 1998, finally making it official in 2006. In the Winter time I enjoy spending time with my friends and making the most of our beautiful Island with long scenic walks.

I first came to Greece in 1994 and started working for Air Tours the following year. I’ve lived here in Rhodes since 1996 and have worked in hospitality and tourism since then. I’ve been part of the Matina and Happily Team since 2008, fulfilling various roles, all of which offering a wealth of experience and local knowledge.

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