The Courtyard

  • Ceremony Days:

    Monday - Saturday

  • Ceremony Times:

    16:30 - 18:30

  • Extra Fees:

    350 Euros

  • Additional Information:

    The Courtyard offers a smaller space for more intimate ceremonies and offers good shade for ceremonies during the hot Summer months. The Courtyard is also available as a Reception venue.

The perfect spot for an intimate Ceremony.

Nestled in a private and quiet corner of the Matina Pefkos Aparthotel, The Courtyard is perfect for Couples who wish to have a quieter and more intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

The entire Courtyard is fully shaded and is set to the backdrop of a stunning Pefkos Bay sea view.

As The Courtyard is part of the Matina Pefkos ApartHotel, it has become increasingly popular amongst Couples who wish to limit the time and expense of traveling to separate venues and is incredibly convenient for guests staying at the Hotel or locally within the resort of Pefkos.