Legal Requirements

Here at Happily Ever After part of our role is to assist our Couples through what may appear to be a complicated legal process.  We are on hand to support all of our Couples in advising them on the correct legal procedures and simplifying the process from start to finish.

If you wish to get married in Greece, this is a brief list of the documents that are required for both parties:

  • Birth certificates- full certified copy of birth certificate dated within 6 months* of the wedding date
  • Certificate of no-impediment to marry dated with 6 months of wedding day (Check with your local registrar for periods of validity)
  • Colour photocopy of passport
  • In case you are divorced – Decree Absolute
  • In case you changed your name other than by marriage – Deed Poll certificate or statutory declaration. (This includes a name change, after a divorce, back to the maiden name)
  • In case you are adopted – Adoption Certificate
  • In case you are widowed – Spouse’s death certificate and previous marriage certificate
  • In case you are under 18 - a statutory declaration of consent off a parent or guardian, signed and stamped by a solicitor

*For couples living in Scotland the validity is 3 months.

Some documents will need to be translated so it’s important that they are sent to us within good time. It is also important that the names on your documents all match unless you have a separate document to prove the change. Please ensure all names match and let your wedding coordinator know if anything does not in plenty of time. It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure their paperwork is correct before sending. 
As soon as you have booked your wedding with us, a more in-depth guide regarding legal requirements and paperwork will be sent to you with a full step by step guide and time-line of the legal process.